Coolsculpting is a fat reduction process that is often confused with weight reduction. Although, the process is a preliminary step to weight loss, it does not directly result in losing weight without requiring efforts necessary for weight loss. So, how do we freeze fat and what does the process entail? To understand this best, we should learn the biology of fat cells first. Fat cells function as storage units. At some point, fat cells in our bodies become a fixed number of cells. These cells remain the same in number, regardless of weight gain or weight loss. However, they increase and decrease in size. Essentially, losing weight reduces the size of these cells but not the number.

Basically, the fat we consume moves through the digestive system and proceeds towards the liver. The processed fat is utilized as a source of energy for the body while excess fat is stored by the body in fat cells. In order to reduce the number of these cells, an entirely distinct process is needed. This is what the procedure to freeze fat offers: it reduces the number of fat cells present in the treated area by 20 to 25%. These fat cells are processed and eventually eliminated from the body. The fat bulges become smaller as a result of undergoing body sculpting, leaving us with a sculpted body shape. This appearance lends us a thinner look without reducing weight. But the process doesn’t just end there if we’re looking to shed some pounds. Once we’re through with the fat-freezing procedure we need to follow a certain diet and workout plan to achieve the results we’re striving for.

After Undergoing Coolsculpting

Once we’re through with the procedure, we still remain the same size because it takes a few weeks for the fat bulge to shrink. About 20% of these fat cells are killed when the area being treated is held between cooling plates of a device. The cooling plates are operated on a specific temperature to which fat cells are vulnerable. As a result, the fat is released and absorbed slowly over the weeks. We can burn off this fat as calories through exercise. This will only happen if we’re working to lose weight or are at a stable weight already. Otherwise, the fat will just get deposited somewhere else after mixing in with the other fat that we’re consuming.

It is important to realize, this procedure helps remove fat bulges primarily from the targeted areas. In order to eliminate the fat altogether, exercising and eating right is crucial. The way to make the best of this procedure and to accomplish weight reduction, is to combine the procedure with techniques that help burn fat.

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